Monday, 25 June 2012


  Arms and Sleepers -Tusk (Helios remix) by Keith Kenniff - Helios

I just want to firstly express my profound love for the above track, Keith Kenniff and Arms and Sleepers. You should obviously press play whilst reading/browsing over the following post. No seriously, press play!

I have lots to upload and projects which I'm currently working on. But I really need to get things organised! For the time being, here are some photographs taken a few weeks ago. The first photo (oh hai gaiz, i'm a big halo nerd-turd fanboy forever) was taken in my room, the rest taken at various places - work and around the good ol' Parramatta.

As you can probably see, lots of food p0rn - all consumed in that one night.

My friend Courtney devouring her first Churro ever! @ Chocolateria San Churro.


  1. ohhhh lamahhhhh
    beautiful beautiful work as always
    you make me cry T_T

    thank you for the track! it's great!

    and those are the fanciest churros i've ever seen :O

  2. Wow, the track is actually really nice!
    And gorgeous photos (as always)
    (And as if you have to be told twice)