Wednesday, 27 June 2012


  Turbulence by Different Sleep

Due to the lack of brain functions which I posses, I'm probably just going to title posts after whatever song I post, for the time being.

Above is a great great greaaaatt track from Different Sleep. It's an amazingly beautiful piece, I had this on repeat for weeks when it was first released - it became my travelling song, my before-i-go-to-sleep-song, my stress-relieving song and pretty much my everything else song.

The photographs below are from a spontaneous chill session with my beautiful friend, Leah (aka my h0meGuRL 4 lAifUz OKUUURRRRR). The 4th and 5th photos were taken by her while we were smoothie-ing @ MySweetMemory.


  1. Loving the song!! My faves are little Ryoma and the couple taking selcas haha cuteness!! Missing you... wish you could be here with me. can we travel somewhere together someday? ONCE WE CAN DRIVE?! HAHAHA that would be mad. roadtrippin :)
    Hope all is well with you qurl x

  2. Your photography is quite literally what I aspire to one day.
    I love it!!! So much!!!

  3. i love that you post songs in the beginning of your posts. you have wonderful taste X)

    your friend has a very interesting look!

    lamah, are these film??

    ha ha ha the comment you left, ....i have no idea ahaha

  4. May I tell you that your photos are gorgeous? Beautiful, honestly. I haven't taken any photos in a while but you've inspired me to take more. x

  5. kaboom slice. i love your little substitutions

    ah the bobble heads aren't for me though XD which ones do you have?

  6. Very cool Blog, love it!!

    Marion from