Wednesday, 28 September 2011

w h i s p e r s

As always, a big thanks to my lovely friend Leah! She has always been such a great friend since High School and we've had so many adventures together! these adventures, for some reason, have always involved us bumping into 'bogans'. We were pretty much verbally attacked by these bogans and one of them (who was on a motorcycle) skidded his motorcycle near where we were which caused the wondrous mystical dust (dirt) to flutter up into the air, rebounding back onto us. Thank you guys, really. Besides that, we had such a great time as usual.

model: Leah Engelbrecht
photography: Shalamah Tautaiolefue


  1. this is just stunning! amazing amazing series! gorgeous model and special pictures!!! just a great inspiration to me!

  2. These are really good!!!!

  3. y'all are too kind, thanks!!


  4. wow! impressive photos mr... keep it up! :)