Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cousins Retreat

Some photographs from a few weekends a go. It has become a routine for the cousins to all gather over our eldest cousin's house over the weekend, where we just chill out and do whatever!

It's definitely a highlight for myself as it releases all the stress from work, and I appreciate each and every moment I get to spend with these gangsters haha. There's usually about 10 of us who stay over.

We all sleep 'till the next morning having 'deep and meaningful' conversations, stuffing ourselves with glorious food, blasting music (I really don't understand how their neighbours cope with all the noise!), Jam sessions (I've been blessed with such a talented family) and of course, eating more food!


  1. How sweet is this! I wish I had the same rituals with my cousins. It would be so fun as well! HAHA "our infamous tacky blonde wig" hahaha

    I work at the blacktown possibly parramatta one btw ;D hollllllllla! HAHAHA

  2. Oh my goodness! It looks so fun!! And I love the photography!! *dies*