Friday, 19 March 2010

Goodbye Nujabes.

When I first learned last night that Seba Jun, otherwise known as Nujabes, passed away in a fatal car crash late February. I was deeply saddened.

His songs really connect me to different memories of my life. And I think that's the whole reason why music was created. It's an outlet of emotion, It enables you to express, to connect yourself to different memories within your life. It also enables you to escape this world and explore another.

You will forever live within the music you have created, Nujabes.
Your creations will never be forgotten. It'll forever be appreciated by generations to come.
I'm so thankful for the comfort and inspiration your music has given me.
Thank you.

Rest In Peace.


  1. Just listened to Seba Jun's piece - Such a nice, soothing piano piece. It's sad that someone who could produce such great music, pass away. RIP.

  2. Reflection Eternal was actually the first song I listened to by Nujabes ):

    NO FRIKKIN WAY!!!!!!!
    OH MY GOD...
    i didnt even know..

  4. I'm a big fan of nujabes as well. I was soooo sad to hear that he passed away, shocked too. :'[ RIP Nujabes, your music will not be forgotten.